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Patients involved in car accidents should never let the absence of immediate symptoms or pain keep them from having a complete spinal exam. Oftentimes, it may take several hours or days for the body to calm down before pain, stiffness, or soreness set in.

Dr. Grabouski recommends being evaluated as soon as possible following an auto accident. Early detection of whiplash and other injuries to the spine is the key to overcoming any pain you may be experiencing, and accelerating the healing process in order to prevent lasting issues.

Whiplash is the most common condition we see and its effects are felt the quickest following an accident. Whiplash injuries occur when automobiles collide and the velocity of the impact forces the neck muscles to violently move forward, backward, or to the side, causing extreme movement of the head and spine, while spraining the surrounding ligaments.

Car accident injuries are a major problem due to the fact that they often cause severe damage to muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments of the spine and surrounding areas. If left untreated, these injuries can change the natural curvature of the spine, resulting in permanent functional loss. 

Many of the complex issues Dr. Grabouski treats related to car accidents are:

  • Whiplash
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Dizziness & Vertigo
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Hip & Leg Pain
  • Knee & Foot Pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • Herniated Discs
  • Soft Tissue Injury

Dr. Grabouski will develop an extensive care plan to help alleviate your pain, correct any issues or damage that was caused, and stabilize the spine to prevent lasting pain or loss of function. This will drastically reduce the need for medication and surgery. According to a study published in the International Journal of the Care of the Injured, 93% of patients showed significant improvement following chiropractic care, and we’ve had the same great results in our office!

Our relationship with orthopedists, neurologists, MRI facilities, physical therapists, and personal injury attorneys in and around Kansas City and Overland Park ensures you receive all the necessary care to successfully recover from your injuries. Most motor vehicle insurance will cover healthcare costs related to an auto accident. Our staff will work directly with your insurance provider to verify your benefits as part of your personal injury claim. 

We offer same-day appointments so don't delay in getting the chiropractic care you need following an accident or injury. Schedule now!


200+ 5 Star Google Reviews

"I am so happy to write a review for Dr. Grabouski and his staff, McKenna and Jordan. The office is space is clean and I am always greeted with a smile and by name. I look forward to going. The really make me feel special - like they want to know me and want to help me. The chiropractic work from Dr. Grabouski has been so helpful. I saw improvements as soon as my second visit. Dr. Grabouski is so kind and always happy to see me. I cannot say enough good things about this office and the work they have done for me. No wonder this office has so many wonderful 5-star reviews! Thank you for all you have done for me."

Jennifer S

"I don't even know where to start! Dr. Grabouski and his staff are AMAZING. As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted by Jordan and McKenna, who are professional and warm. They seem to know every patient by name and stay on top of everything even when the office is full.."

Alyssa M. S

"Justin has a serious gift for adjusting people’s bodies. He helped me through my recovery from an injury and aligned my low back to near-perfect after two short months. Not to mention he and his staff are so kind and accommodating — highly recommend!!"

Lily K

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