Shockwave Therapy vs. SoftWave Therapy

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When it comes to revolutionizing pain management and tissue healing, we get asked all the time what’s the difference between Shockwave Therapy and the phenomenal SoftWave Tissue Regenerative Therapy.

Difference Between Shockwave Therapy and SoftWave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is a type of treatment that uses technology to deliver quick, frequent, and high-intensity bursts of focused mechanical energy (in the form of shockwaves) into sore or inflamed soft tissue to stimulate a healing responses and reduce pain.

Now, let’s introduce the state-of-the-art SoftWave Therapy that we use in our Overland Park chiropractic office. Unlike Shockwave Therapy, SoftWave Therapy uses low-intensity, unfocused acoustic waves to stimulate regenerative processes on a cellular level, activating your body’s natural healing abilities like never before! It’s much gentler than Shockwave Therapy, doesn’t result in trauma to the area, and has a larger zone of treatment, which is why we prefer it to Shockwave Therapy.

Benefits of SoftWave Therapy

What sets SoftWave apart are its incredible benefits:

  1. Accelerated Tissue Repair: SoftWave’s precise energy waves promote faster healing of damaged tissues, reducing recovery time significantly!
  2. Non-Invasive and Pain-Free: Say goodbye to invasive procedures! SoftWave Therapy offers a gentle, non-surgical approach with minimal discomfort and zero downtime!
  3. Versatile Applications: From sports injuries to chronic pain conditions, SoftWave has shown exceptional results in various areas, including joints, tendons, and even rejuvenating aging skin!
  4. Long-lasting Results: SoftWave goes beyond temporary relief! By promoting tissue regeneration and release of your body’s own stem cells, it targets the root cause, fostering lasting improvements and enhancing your overall well-being!

Conditions SoftWave Therapy Can Help

SoftWave Therapy can treat pain anywhere in the body – joint pain (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle, wrist and more); soft tissue pain (ligaments, tendons, muscles and tissues); chronic pain (back, neck, nerves, discs, joints, old injuries and surgeries); acute pain (wounds, numbness, aches, and more).
Some of the many conditions we treat as an Overland Park SoftWave Therapy provider include:
  • Hip pain
  • Migraines
  • Stress fractures
  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Sports injuries
  • Back pain
  • Golf/Tennis elbow
  • Knee pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shoulder pain
  • And more!

Start Healing With SoftWave Therapy

Ready to get out of pain and get back to doing what you love? It’s time to try SoftWave Therapy in Overland Park! Say hello to accelerated healing, pain reduction, and a renewed sense of vitality. Take advantage of our $49 new patient special and schedule today!

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