6 Ways Chiropractic Helps Athletes

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We treat athletes of all ages and abilities in our Overland Park chiropractic office – from CrossFitters and body builders, to high school sports players, dance team members, and casual golfers, every single person can improve their skill set by improving their health. Below we’ve compiled six ways chiropractic care may help the athletes in your family.

1. Prevent Injuries Before They Occur With Chiropractic Care

Many people wait until an injury occurs to visit our office, but the truth is that you can, and should, seek chiropractic care before pain strikes. In fact, visiting a chiropractor can help athletes prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

When your spine is misaligned, it may create symptoms that impact performance, such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Balance issues
  • Limited range of motion
  • Tingling in the feet, arms, or hands
  • Back or neck pain
  • Nausea

Many people do not immediately link these symptoms to spinal issues, but they are often tied to structural problems that are easily diagnosed in our office. Dr. Grabouski performs a thorough exam, which may include X-rays or other diagnostic tests, for every patient that walks through our door to accurately access the cause of your symptoms.

2. Provide Pain Relief for Athletes

All pain in the body is the result of some form of nerve damage or impingement, and is often the last symptom of an underlying issue. This can be the result of injury, accident, or a degenerative condition that places some pressure on the nerve cells. With many people moving away from medications due to side affects and masking of symptoms, chiropractic care is a good first line of defense to managing and eliminating pain. 

The American College of Physicians recommends chiropractic as an alternative to drugs to address pain. Research has demonstrated that patients who undergo chiropractic treatment and engage in regular exercise are over two times more likely to experience a noticeable reduction in pain as compared to those who only took pain medication.

We find the source of your pain and then treat it directly, providing medication-free pain relief as the body heals.

3. Discover the Source and Severity of Injuries

Aches and pains may be common, but they are certainly not normal. Many people suffer from headaches but don’t know the cause. Others assume pain shooting down their leg or tightness in their midback after a workout is normal. We also see a lot of patients with numbness or tingling in their extremities (hands, fingers, feet, toes, etc), and assume it will go away. Sometimes it does, but oftentimes, it becomes persistent and can hinder your activity.

While these don’t sound like injuries, per say, they are often caused by structural issues of the spine that can be corrected through chiropractic care and lead to less pain and improved performance. Our goal at Grabouski Chiropractic is to identify the cause of your condition, eliminate your pain, and prevent the pain from coming back.

4. Improve Range of Motion in Athletes

Athletic performance often requires constant movement, but it’s difficult to properly back squat or have a killer golf swing if your body has a limited range of motion. With regular chiropractic care, you may notice increased flexibility and reduced muscle stiffness. This helps your body meet the demands of strenuous activity, and it also helps decrease the risk of injuries.

5. Shorten Recovery Time for Athletes

Movement is medicine, which is why our goal is to get you feeling better as quickly and safely as possible. Dr. Grabouski develops custom treatment plans that helps every athlete get back in the game as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Chiropractic adjustments help reduce swelling and inflammation in your body so it can heal quickly and completely. We also utilize intersegmental traction tables for most patients which helps exercise ligaments in your back and improve blood flow throughout your body, which aids in speeding up recovery.

6. Chiropractors Can Coordinate Care With Other Medical Professionals

Today, more than 35 million Americans visit chiropractors, and you can find patients of all ages and abilities at our Overland Park chiropractic office. We work closely with pediatricians, primary care physicians, physical therapists, orthopedic specialists, massage therapists, and other medical specialists to help you reach your health goals both on and off the field.

Chiropractic Care for Athletes in Johnson County

If you’re wondering whether you or a loved one may benefit from chiropractic care, remember, sometimes spinal issues don’t result in immediate symptoms. However, you may notice you or a loved one has some, or all, of these issues:

  • Neck or shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Knee or leg pain
  • Tingling in upper or lower extremities
  • Headaches and muscle tension
  • Trouble bending or stretching
  • Limited mobility
  • Uneven shoulders
  • Muscle aches
  • Dizziness or nausea

These are just some of the many symptoms that can be helped through chiropractic care for athletes. Don’t wait until an injury keeps you from staying active to seek chiropractic care. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how Dr. Justin Grabouski can help improve your health and game day performance.

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